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Our staff and students work hard to create a fun, welcoming atmosphere that all students can enjoy.  We ask that all members of our community respect the Extended Day Code of Conduct, as listed below:


  • Use kind words.  Treat everyone with kindness and respect. Don’t insult or threaten any other student or staff member.  Always tell the truth.


  • Keep your hands to yourself.  When something doesn’t go your way or your feelings are hurt, explain to your fellow student or staff member why you are unhappy with the situation.  Staff members are always there to listen and help resolve conflicts.


  • We represent PS10 and Extended Day.  Both on and off school grounds, we are showing the world what PS10 is. Stay with your cohort at all times, and help to keep yourself and those around you safe.  Especially when we are in the park or crossing the street.

  • Be honest and fair and always try to do your best.


PS 10 PTA Extended Day is an Inclusive Program:

  • We welcome all children in the PS10 school community regardless of abilities. 

  • The PTA Extended Day Program is not a DOE-program, therefore services indicated by individualized education plans (IEPs) are not part of the Extended Day program. 

  • In keeping with the guidelines set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act, the the Extended Day program will work directly with families to make reasonable accommodations to meet the emotional, social, and physical needs of all children, including those children with special education and/or protected status. 


No Bullying Policy:


We are committed to providing an environment that promotes respect, dignity, and equality. We recognize that acts of discrimination and harassment, including bullying, taunting, or intimidation are detrimental to student’s well-being and achievement. Such behavior affects not only the students who are its targets, but also those individuals who participate in, and witness such acts.  Extended Day staff will investigate all allegations of bullying and report, and administer an appropriate discipline action.


When a child behaves in a way that merits disciplinary action, the following steps will be taken in the order in which they are listed below:

  • Give a verbal reminder of appropriate behavior.

  • Give the child a time out from the group activity.

  • The Program Director and/or Program Manager will speak with the child outside of the class/ group.

  • Director will listen to the child/children and attempt to resolve issues in order for the child/children to re‐join the group.

  • Director will provide an oral report at pick‐up (or phone call) of inappropriate behavior if necessary.

  • If the child is involved in a particularly egregious disciplinary situation, including hitting, biting, or physically hurting other children or staff members, and/or the director is involved a second time for the same disciplinary issue, the parent will receive an email or phone call and possibly asked to meet over zoom.

  • Consequences may include removal from an activity for the rest of the day and spend their time with the director or Program Manager, writing a 4-Square apology (what I did to hurt somebody, how they felt, what I’ll do next time, how I’ll make it up to the person), and/or a missing session the following week.

  • If a child’s actions require further consequences, they may be suspended from one day of the program.

  • If the behavior continues, a child may be suspended for one week of the program.

  • If reasonable efforts have been made by Extended Day staff to curb disruptive, disrespectful, or otherwise inappropriate behavior, and no improvement has been made,  children may be suspended or expelled from the program without a refund. In accordance with the ADA, children with disability status who repeatedly hit, bite, physically harm others or run away from the program may be removed from the program.


Please review all of PS10 Extended Day's policies here


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s behavior while they are in the Extended Day program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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