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Issue III May 2024


Extended Day - Where Kids Come to Play

SUMMER SMASH 2024 !!!!!!!!!!


Now Accepting Incoming
PS10 Kindergarten Students

        Early Birds 7:30 am
        Camp Hours 8:30 am-5:00 pm
        Extended Pickup 5:00-6:00 pm
        $25 Registration Fee (non-refundable)
        $396 Week 1
        $495 Weeks 2-6 Per Week
        $45 Early Bird Drop Off Per Week 
        $60 Extended Pick Up Per Week 
        2.9% Credit Card Fee
           5% Sibling Discount
           5% 7 Week Discount
       50% at time of registration
       50% Week Before Session Begins

Staff Spotlight

Our Group Leaders provide care and attention to our Extended Day students after school hours, and provide assistance during lunchtime. In the coming months we will provide bio's on a few of our staff members

Aklima Begum

Aklima is a mother of two. She came to America when she was 7 and attended elementary school here.
This is Aklima's third year with the PTA Extended Day program. Before coming to the PS10 building, she spent two years at K280 taking care of our Pre-K students.
She loves arts and crafts, and during her free time, she likes doing henna designs. Aklima is a daily ray of sunshine; she looks forward to working with our afterschool staff members and students every day.

Teaching Artist Spotlight

Laura Rubin

My name is Laura Rubin and I am a teaching artist.

I have been an art educator and teacher for over 17
years. My inspiration as a teaching artist is to share
creativity and the wonderful process of art making with
young minds. My teaching practice is enveloped in the
belief that the best way to instruct, is to guide and
inspire and allow my students to lead.

I work as a teaching artist throughout the NYC public
school system, which offers the ability to teach art to
a diverse group of children. It's very important for me
as an artist and teacher, to incorporate social justice
issues and self awareness into art lessons and exploring
our surrounding environment. Working with NYC public
school children has taught me so much about mentoring
young students.

My hope as an arts educator is to build self-esteem
and encourage inner creativity. I am passionate about
teaching and feel so fortunate to have the opportunity
to motivate and share inspiration from young people.

Day Scholarships 

We recognize many of our families are currently experiencing financial hardship. The PS10 PTA Extended Day Program and the PS10 PTA would like to ensure that all families who would like to participate in Extended Day offerings are able to do so.  A sliding scale discount off the total base tuition is available to families who need it. Discounts range from 15% - 85%. 

If you are in need of financial assistance, please fill out this form or reach out to us at

Scholarships are limited and are on a first come first serve basis.

Application approval is at the sole discretion of the PS10 Extended Day Committee.

May Calendar
May - Asian American & Native Hawaiian/
Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Thursday May 9th Second Spring Installment Due
Monday May 27th Memorial Day - No School
Wednesday May 29th Staff vs Students Flag Football

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