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K280 Extended Day

Registration for Fall Term is now closed.

An affordable, nurturing, low cost, high-quality, enrichment-based afterschool program run by the PTA of PS10.

After all, who knows better how parents would like their children cared for than their fellow parents?

The program is available to all students enrolled in K280.

It operates from dismissal until 5:50 PM, from 9/20-6/24/21, whenever school has a full day.

It is closed on half days and holidays.

Partnership with A Playdate Everyday.

Families may choose between K280 Extended Day or A Playdate Everyday programming on any given day of the week.

K280 Extended Day students will participate in one accredited vendor or teaching artist led enrichment class a day. They will also work with our carefully vetted staff learning to play and interact together and to be a part of our community. There will be physical activities, outdoor time, creative projects, story times, sing-a-longs and social emotional learning. The program will have a small adult to child ratio with experienced and well trained staff, teaching artists and local vendors.


How it works:

We offer two programs in one! Families have the choice of joining K280 Extended Day, A Playdate Everyday or a combination of both throughout the week. More information on A Playdate Everyday is available below.


K280 Extended Day

The program consists of 5 sections per year. Enrichment classes are held during the 3 terms, our Smashes consist of general childcare with daily drop-in enrichment offerings and staff run activities.

September Smash: 

Children will partake in a variety of activities while they become familiar with the program, staff and their peers.  Our enrichment vendors will offer sample classes during this time for students to try out.

Terms, Fall, Winter and Spring: 

Students will participate in one hour of vendor or teaching artists led enrichment class per day. The rest of the afternoon will entail staff led activities including outdoor play, study hall and choice time.

Choosing your classes: Parents fill out a form requesting their top three choices of enrichment classes per day.

In order to be fair to all, students enrollment is determined by lottery.

June Smash:

The last week of school will be like September Smash

A Playdate Everyday - 4:00 PM or between 5:00-5:50 PM

K280 Extended Day Enrichments:

We prefer pick up between 5:00-5:50 PM but if you need to pick up earlier

3-year-olds - 4:15 PM or later

4year-olds - 5:00 PM or later

A Playdate Everyday

We are excited to announce our partnership with a unique and special program; A Playdate Everyday, a social emotional based program for 3-5 year-olds. Based on the Reggio Emilia approach, we  support a child’s love of play with a special focus on the learning and practicing of social skills. Through playdates and a carefully designed curriculum, we guide the process of making friends, being a friend, and reaching out to others. Our playdates are the mainstay of this activity, giving your child a supervised opportunity to socialize with a diverse group of peers.

Parents will choose for their child an afternoon with A Playdate Everyday or with K280 Extended Day Enrichment Program.

For more information contact Director Jennifer Hammond at aplaydateeveryday@gmail.com.

Daily Activities

Pick up from classrooms

Snack Time

Group Circle Time

Enrichments & Activities

Outdoor Play

Pick up at 5:00 pm

Extended Hour until 5:50 PM

Year Sections

September Smash - 9/20-10/1/21

Fall Term - 10/4-12/23/21

Winter Term - 1/3/22-3/25/22

Spring Term - 3/28-6/17/22

June Smash - 6/21-6/24/22

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Pick Up: Staff will collect students from their classrooms

Snack Time: Students may enjoy a snack brought from home or one provided by the DOE in the cafeteria

Group Circle Time: Students will work with staff singing songs, having story time, talking, acting, and participating in group games.

Enrichment Activities: Students may participate in a variety of activities such as singing, drumming, movement, dance, sports, yoga, gymnastics, messy stuff, science, art, building and nature studies.

Outdoor Play: Students will have time to play outside in the newly designed and renovated yard with age appropriate climbing structures and equipment when the yard is ready.

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