Payment of the Annual Registration Fee of $55 (non-refundable) will be charged during your

first session. It is a one time, per family, fee. All fees and outstanding balances must be paid

before your child can attend the program. Make checks payable to “PS10 PTA Afterschool.”

Apply online, at the PTA (room 107), or put the forms sent home in your child’s yellow folder in

a sealed envelope marked “PTA Extended Day.” Please do not mail forms and checks. You can

enroll for classes online or in the PTA Office during the announced registration period, and for

two weeks into the semester.



While there is space for every child in the Extended Day program, specific class sizes are limited

and classes are filled on a lottery basis. Classes fill quickly, usually on the first round of the

lottery. Families will be provided lottery forms, which you must return by the posted due date

in order to participate in the lottery. Once you have received your class schedule you will have

to pay at least one third of the full price in order to continue with the lottery process.

Registration is not complete until payment is made. You will be able to view the Schedule of

Enrichment Classes before registration opens. (Registration dates change each Semester so

please look out for those postings). 





This is a drop-in service for children who are registered for the program. Parents/Guardians can

schedule drop-in days from one day up to one month in advance. We must have at least 2

hours notice to use this drop-in service so we are aware that your child is with us that day. Your

child will participate in Open Session that day, or in an enrichment class as space allows.

Daily rate per day/per child is $25. You may also pre-purchase a 5-day pack for $105 (the 5-day

pack must be used in the same session when purchased, and you may buy more than one pack

per session). When using the drop-in service, you are responsible to inform your child’s

classroom teacher that he/she will be attending PS10 Extended Day.


We want your child to enjoy his or her selected enrichment class. We realize, however, not

every choice is a successful fit. We will try to accommodate your needs within the first two

weeks of the session if there is space available. Please be considerate and timely with these

requests. All requests for changes must be in writing and emailed to extended.day@pta.ps10.org.

If you wish to withdraw from the program, you will be responsible for paying the balance of the

month. If you have paid the session in full we will refund you any full months that are

remaining. We must receive your request in writing.



Homework supervision for the 1st through 5th grades is provided by Line Staff to help students

concentrate and get their work done on their own. This is support, not tutoring. A quiet,

supervised classroom is provided for students needing to read or write. If you have a special

concern regarding your child’s homework, please speak to your child’s classroom teacher.



You must provide a snack for your child. Please place one in his/her backpack each day he/she

attends Extended Day. If you pack a lunch for your child, please do not put the snack in with the

lunch. Your child just might eat it at lunch! Please be mindful that the Extended Day program is

a NUT-FREE environment. Also, please note that our staff cannot go up to classrooms to retrieve

snacks. We do not always have access to classrooms after 3PM.


If school is closed due to an emergency (such as fire, snow day, etc.) the PTA Extended Day will

also be closed. On occasion the NYC DOE may cancel all after school activities in NYC public

school buildings, the PTA Extended Day operates under a DOE Permit. If after school activities

are cancelled, Extended day will also be cancelled. No refunds or adjustments will be made for

unexpected school closings due to emergencies.



We recommend that you put your child’s name on all of their items with a label or permanent

marker so that lost items can be returned to them if found. All unclaimed items are put in the

bins in the back of the auditorium marked “Lost and Found.” As you leave the cafeteria, please

check your child’s backpack to make sure that he or she has all clothing, lunch boxes,

homework and personal items. Please do not bring toys; we are not responsible for lost or broken toys.



The registration form contains space for emergency contact information as well as space for

authorized pick-up people. It is very important to give us your emergency contact phone

number. Your child will NOT be released to anyone whose name does not appear on his/her

form unless you provide written consent authorizing change of pick up. There will be NO

EXCEPTIONS. Please be advised that the PTA Extended Day program does not have access to

the PS10 DOE Blue Cards in the school main office. All Extended Day contact information must

be in the Extended Day registration system.



Please do not send your child to the Extended Day program if he or she has a contagious illness

and/or fever within 24 hours. The Extended Day staff may administer only basic first aid such as

ice and band-aids, we will not administer medication of any kind. In case of serious injury or

illness, a parent or emergency contact person will be called to pick up the child. Accident

reports will be completed for any accidents/injuries that occur during extended day hours,

which we will keep on file. Teachers and co-teachers are instructed to report all

accidents/injuries to the Director and to complete an accident report. Either the teacher or the

Program Manager will inform the parents about the injury. In the case that a parent or

emergency contact cannot be reached, the Extended Day program will escort the student to the

closest hospital if deemed necessary.



Parents/guardians are responsible for notifying the P.S. 10 PTA Extended Day about a child with

severe allergies and/or Asthma. Students with known nut allergies will be placed at a nut free

table during snack time, students at this table will not be allowed to share snacks. Students that

have been prescribed an epipen or an inhaler by their medical provider may carry the epipen or

inhaler, if the student is determined by the medical provider to be self-directed and able to self-

administer medication. The epipen or inhaler must be in the original container, and be clearly

labeled with the child’s full name, prescriber’s name, directions for administration and

expiration date. Parents are advised that medical staff are not present in the P.S. 10 building

after 3:00pm.


We may experience a behavior problem that goes beyond our code of conduct. Every effort will

be made to place children in a class that is appropriate for that child, the class and the teacher.

The Director will work with the child and the teacher and will reach out to the family when

necessary. Teachers will refer discipline problems to the Director if a child is continuously

disrupting a class and efforts such as time-out and restricted playtime have been ineffective.

The Director will contact the child’s family and report the problem. If a behavioral problem

continues after that point, the child will no longer be allowed to attend the enrichment class. If

problems persist, the Director will consult with the PTA Extended Day Committee and the child

may be removed from the program. If this occurs, the family will be reimbursed for the balance

of the program for which they have paid. The Extended Day Program staff is responsible for

providing a positive experience for the children in our care. If your child adversely affects the

experience of others and/or harms another person or property, they will be immediately

removed from the Extended Day program. We ask that you discuss the policies of the Extended

Day Program with your child, explaining that the consequence of their unacceptable behavior

could be dismissal from the Program.



The PS10 PTA Extended Day Program is a fully inclusive program, no PS10 child is excluded from

enrollment. Our program is run with a 10:1 ratio of staff to students; we do not have one-to-

one paras or staff available. If you have any concern regarding your child’s ability to manage in

a 10:1 setting we encourage you to speak with the Program Director prior to registration.




P.S. 10 PTA Extended Day carries our own insurance policy that covers the school, its staff and

students for the hours that the Extended Day program is in operation. By registering your

child(ren) in our program, you are releasing the P.S. 10 PTA, its officers, volunteers, employees,

contractors, agents and staff from any liability arising from their participation in the Extended

Day Program. Parents are required to sign a liability waiver at enrollment.



The following goals and responsibilities have been made priorities for all employees of the PS10

PTA Extended Day Program: Our first responsibility is to ensure the health and safety of the

children in our charge. We will always be alert to any safety hazards, including inattentiveness

and poor supervision of the children. We will be responsible for the positive development of

each child, helping the children in our program with their social, emotional, physical and

intellectual development as well as encouraging good habits and positive attitudes. We will

ensure that families feel confident and informed about their child’s care. Our school is proud of

its inclusive and diverse environment. We will encourage acceptance of different lifestyles and

ethnic backgrounds and cultures among our students, staff and families. We encourage

Extended Day teachers to discuss any problems or concerns with families directly, particularly

as they relate to family/teacher communication and the child’s well being. We have a serious

responsibility towards the program, the school, our colleagues and the families we serve. We

understand the need to work together in order to ensure the program’s success.