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NOW - 1st Installment & Payments in Full should be paid

Feb 2 - 2nd Installment Payment due

Feb 5 - Spring Schedule sent home and posted online

Feb 14 - Lottery Forms due

Feb 17 - 21 - No school for Winter Break - Extended Day program closed

Mar 2 - 3rd Installment Payment due & any other outstanding invoice/s must be paid

Mar 2 - Spring Enrollment Begins

(all outstanding balances must be paid or your child will not be enrolled)

Mar 20 - Last Day of Winter Session

Mar 23 - First Day of Spring Session


Safety of the participants in the Extended Day program is our priority. While all of our safety

protocols are not public documents (for safety reasons), we want to assure you that we are well prepared in case of emergency. Since inception of the program, Extended Day follows a formal Safety & Emergency Protocol plan which includes emergency evacuations, hard and soft lockdowns, shelter-ins, and fight protocols. Our protocols mirror those that PS10 Administration use during school hours. Our plan is on file with PS10 Administration and is filed with the Department of Education. In addition, our Program Director, Qushema Johnson, attends the monthly building safety meetings with the rest of the PS10 Safety Team, senior staff are trained in safety protocol, and we do periodic training with junior staff to ensure everyone is up-to-date. The walkie talkies used by Extended Day are on the same channel as PS10 Administration and our School Safety Agents to ensure communication during an emergency. Please note that once the police are involved, as they were in Friday’s incident, they are in charge and we must follow their orders. In addition, we have other standard protocols in place to ensure safety. For example, a child will not be released to a person not on file without written consent, a child cannot drop-in to the program without written consent, nor can we release a child to/from another location (ie. K280, outside class locations) without written permission. While these may seem a nuisance at times, they are part of ensuring the safety of your children.


It should go without saying but please be courteous to all of the Extended Day staff. They are

here to ensure your child is safe and cared for during their time in the program.


Yomaira Herrera’s (also known as Ms. Y) last day as Assistant Director was January 15. Liam

Sullivan, our former Operations Manager, is now the Interim Assistant Director.


A copy of our Family Handbook, which includes our policies and fees, lives on the Jumbula

home page:


Invoices are emailed to the address on file and can be paid online or by check in the Extended Day Office. You can also find your invoice by logging onto Jumbula, click the menu button in the upper right corner, then choose “Invoices”.

If you have questions or concerns please reach out to the Extended Day Team:

Qushema Johnson, Director Nick Moons

Liam Sullivan, Asst Director, IA Megan Nyhan

Velma McKenzie, Operations Director Extended Day Co-Chairs


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