We are a PTA-run, parent–developed program providing coverage and enrichment classes to PS10 families who need care beyond the regular school day. 

We are a PTA-run, parent–developed program providing coverage and enrichment classes to PS10 and K280 families who need care beyond the regular school day.  

After the challenges of 2020 we are happy to return to indoor programming for the 2021 - 2022 school year.  Some of our favorite teachers and vendors are back with us as well as new and exciting programming.  We do our best to provide a wide range and variety of classes that will appeal to most of our students.

The PTA Extended Day Program is a massive undertaking for the PTA and we welcome parent input and involvement. Our goal since inception has been to allow our students to learn a craft, explore a talent, or enjoy a hobby in the safe, nurturing environment of our PS10 community.  Please feel free to join us on the PTA Extended Day Committee, your assistance and feedback are always welcome.

Meet The Team



  Lauren Goodrich - Executive Director. A PS10 Mom alumni, Lauren was one of the parents who started PS10 Extended Day. Seeing how valuable exposure to enrichment classes could be for children, she made it her career. She created and ran a similar program at BUGS and spent the last 5 years developing and expanding, playlab133, at PS133. She is trained in afterschool program management and development at Dignity Of Children. In her 20’s she pursued realistic figurative painting, painting portraits and murals around the city. And freelanced in the art studios at advertising agencies. She worked for 20 years as a professional dancer, choreographer and instructor in the states and 9 different countries. She brings her love of the arts to all the programs she is involved in.  She is thrilled to be coming back home to PS10!


Velma McKenzie - Operations Manager.  Velma has been involved with the PS10 after school program since 2012 . As a parent of a PS10 student, Velma was the Afterschool Committee Chairperson and then a PTA President.  After her daughter graduated from PS10, Velma was hired as the Afterschool Director and held the position for three years, during which time she nearly doubled the size of the program.  In 2017 she became the program’s Operations Manager.   In her spare time Velma enjoys digging in her garden and playing drums in an all women’s brazilian drum line (Fogo Azul).  Her main love is to travel, which she can’t wait to get back to.


Liam Sullivan - PS10 Extended Day Director. This will be Liam's 6th year working for PS10 Extended Day. Currently the Director, he started out as a Group Leader and instructor. A Brooklyn native, Liam has been working with children since his teens in a variety of settings, including day camps, daycares, & sleepaway camps, eventually finding a home with PS10 Extended Day. PS10 has been a part of his life since before he was born, as his mother has been a devoted teacher for many years. Liam is a classically trained musician and avid rock music enthusiast who imparts his love of learning, performance, and adventure to the students of PS10 Extended Day! 


Qushema Johnson - K280 Extended Day Director.  Qushema has spent 16 years in the afterschool world, starting at PS10 Extended Day in 2014. She became Director in 2017, and is now moving on to be director of our new K280 Extended Day program.  worked in youth development for over 16 years. A mother herself of an energetic 2 year-old, she is the perfect person to head up our early childhood program. She is passionate about working with children and helping develop their 

young minds.


Jennifer Hopkins - Director and founder of A Playdate Everyday. Jennifer has been in the afterschool field for the past 10 years. In 2011, she became the Pre-k and Kindergarten afterschool director at PS 154, and brought the Playdate Everyday program to K280 in 2016. With over 30 years of experience as an early childhood educator, Jennifer created the Playdate program because she has observed that socially, young children need specific detailed guidance on how to approach others, include others, and show responsibility towards those on the outskirts. Jennifer is also a licensed Music Together teacher, a former professional dancer, and the mother of three wonderful daughters.




PS10 Extended Day


Mohamed Lahmar Cherif - Senior Program Manager. Mohamed grew up in Algeria and Brooklyn and has been an avid Soccer fan and player his whole life. He is entering his 4th year at PS10 Extended Day. Even with a bachelor's degree in Accounting, he has chosen to continue at PS10 Extended Day to follow his passion of working with children. His specialty is running physical games, sports and activities. Watching the students delight in these activities is his real motivator. He also has a 2nd degree brown belt in Karate.


Megan Morgan - Sr. Group Leader: Megan is 22 years old and starting her 2nd year at PS10 Extended Day and 5th year working with children. She went to the High School of Art & Design, School of Visual Arts and BMCC where she studied animation and has an Associates Degree in Science. She is an artist and cartoonist who loves storytelling, comics, anime and kittens. Students connect with her gentle nature as she guides them through art projects and lessons.


Crystal Martinez - Sr. Group Leader. Chrystal was born and raised in Brooklyn and is returning to PS10 Extended Day for her 2nd year. Despite having an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice she is choosing to follow her passion by working with children as she enjoys watching them grow and develop. She is fluent in Spanish and enjoys traveling with her family.


Kimberly Rodriguez - Sr. Group Leader.  Kimberly Rodriguez has been teaching kids for the past 5 years, and has been with Extended Day since 2018. She graduated with a bachelor degree for childhood education with a minor in the arts, and is looking forward to another wonderful year with the students of PS10!

Taisha Farrow - Group Leader. Taisha is 23 years old and starting her 2nd year at PS 10 Extended Day and her 8th year working with children. She attended Brooklyn Highschool of the Arts and graduated with her Associates in Business Administration from Laguardia Community College. She enjoys engaging in arts & crafts and physical games and sports. She believes in listening to our children and letting them be themselves

Zion Smith - Group Leader. Zion grew up in Alabama and Chicago and just recently moved to Brooklyn. After serving in the Marine Corps she found her passion was working with children. This is her first year with PS10 Extended Day and her third year in the childcare profession. She loves to make music, write poetry and dance. She plays the electric bass and the African djembe. She is also an avid volleyball player and lives her life to tune with her african roots and spirituality.


K280 Extended Day

Vianey Evangelista - Sr. Group Leader. Vianey is starting her 3rd year at the PS10 Extended Day. Fluent in Spanish, she holds an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Early childhood Education. Additionally, she is currently enrolled in the Early Childhood Special Education program at Brooklyn College to obtain her Bachelor’s.