Dear Ps10 families,

Outdoor camp will not be in operation tomorrow, June 8th. We will be using the day to train our staff for the Fall.

For families registered on Tuesday for outdoor camp, tomorrow was not included in the pricing for Tuesday Outdoor Camp.

Thank you

The Extended Day Team

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"Clowning Around" Theatre with Tamara Sevunts

Thursdays @ 4:30pm, Jan 7 - Mar 25

This class works on developing musicality through the art of Theatre. “Timing,” on stage is something that is mastered by understanding the unsung rhythm and melodies within the telling of a story. Kids will learn theatrical techniques/styles such as Commedia Dell’Arte, Mime, Clowning and more while paired with a wide array of musical styles from all genres.

"World Music Percussion" with Josh Breslauer

Wednesdays @ 3:15pm, Jan 6 - Mar 24

Students will be developing their internal sense of rhythm while learning about beats, musical traditions and folk songs from around the world.

Private Guitar Lessons

Dates and Times vary

Students will study proper technique, challenging and diverse repertoire, about musical interpretation, harmony, sight reading and more; all the skills needed to become an informed and well rounded musician. Private lessons allow the teacher to dive further into the details and intricacies of the music and the instrument. Students will also perform 2 times each year in our Student Recitals for a full year and one Recital a year for a half year.

Info & Registration directly thru Ezra Guitar here or contact them at 718.434.2103 /

**All questions, scheduling and billing for these classes are handled directly thru Ezra Guitar and NOT PS10 Extended Day. PS10 Extended Day Scholarships do not apply to these classes.

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